Do you offer financing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer financing. But if you don't have all the money to pay for the parts, you can pay whenever and we will slowly source the parts until the build is completely paid off.

How long will my build take to complete?

The process overall will take around 3 days. Once we have all the parts, we will finish the build in around a day and you can pick it up as soon as benchmarking has finished.

What payment methods do you accept?

We're very flexible in terms of payment. We can take direct cash, check, or card. If you do pay through card, please use Venmo. We will start your build after your payment has gone through.

What if you're unable to fix my computer remotely/diagnose the issue?

All charges for the session are waived and you don't pay a single thing.

Can I negotiate a deal out of one part of a pre-built?

No. All sales include the computer and the things that come along with it. You can buy parts, however, if they are listed as individual.